M y goal for this year is to pursue a different creative focus each month. In January, I decided to take up calligraphy. If you missed those posts, you can read about how I got started with calligraphy (complete with a beginner supply list) as well as my mid-month reflections on learning the art.

We are already a week into February, so tomorrow I’m going to introduce the focus for THIS month – but first things first, let’s take a little look at lessons learned from calligraphy…

Here is the basic summary of my thoughts on this undertaking, reflected in the conversation my January calendar had with my calligraphy supplies at the end of the month:

To clarify, I never set out to master the art of calligraphy in one month. People dedicate their LIVES to learning the craft and I never expected to be whipping out different scripts with ease or copying the Bible in a Gothic script like a medieval monk. However, I did think that I would be able to confidently write the whole alphabet in at least one script in uppercase and lowercase letters.

This didn’t happen – I am currently still on the letter F and inching my way into G (my aim is to get REALLY good at G considering that it’s the first letter of my name. Basically a requirement.). As I learned with my January goals (some that happened, some left undone), chronoptimism makes fools of us all.

And you know what? I’m okay with that because, even though I am still going to launch into another area of focus for this month, there is NO WAY I’m dropping calligraphy. I’ve loved it and can’t wait to get better. This was the perfect push for me to gather all the base supplies, try it out, and get serious about it.

I think this will come as a relief to my graphic designing brother, Stephen, who has been learning calligraphy for awhile and realizes that it takes time and dedication. (Stephen has actually undertaken an impressive challenge for the year where he is lettering different phrases every day and documenting it via Instagram. So, yes, this kid appreciates the art of calligraphy.)

When I had talked to Stephen at the beginning of January, he seemed rather dismayed that I was planning to bop around to 12 different crafts throughout the year instead of staying settled with one or two. His Christmas gift to me this year included some great calligraphy supplies and resources along with this card:

Have no fear, Stephen! I’m going to stick with it! And I’ll continue to document my progress here.

Calligraphy. It’s a tough (but rewarding) gig. Appreciate that gorgeously scripted wedding invite the next time one appears in your mailbox. Maybe hang it on the fridge for a little while to give it the airtime it deserves.

Check in tomorrow to see my focus for February’s 12 Months of Making!