I’m Grace, and I’m Your Biggest Fan.

What does that mean? Don’t be mislead by the logo – I’m not an electrical appliance; I’m here to be your personal cheerleader.

Growing up, I had amazing women in my life (like my mom and my aunt) that would tell me “Grace, I’m your biggest fan.” And that gave me the courage to do a lot of things I might not have done otherwise, like boating around the world, teaching the cutest first graders of all time in New Orleans, and building a stationery company with my sister.

I think that everyone needs a Biggest Fan. Humans thrive when they’re loved. So here I am, for you. I hope that by sharing little bits of our lives with one another, we can all grow and move forward, together.

(I won’t say no to being friends with any sugar gliders out there, but I must admit that humans top the list for me.)

Life is too hard to do it any other way except reveling in the joy of each other and recognizing the gifts we all bring to the table. And yes, I know you have BIG TIME gifts, you absolutely do.

So who am I? Well, my full name is Grace Nixon Peterson.

When I was little and sitting in church, sometimes they would sing “Amazing Grace.” I was positive they were singing about me. Turns out…they weren’t. But it was a nice ego boost at the time.

Now here I am at 31, trying to live out a grace-filled life.

I’m a writer, an artist, an extreme crafter (seriously, I had to go to the physical therapist’s office at one point because my wrists were in so much pain. When they asked me what had caused said pain, I had to tell them it was from an intense weekend of crafting. It was embarrassing.), and I like making people happy.

I have an amazing husband, Bobby:

He’s officially my favorite person of all time. We met while studying abroad on Semester at Sea {henceforth known as “the love boat”}. I’ve been smitten ever since. We got married in 2012 and I’m continually in awe of his goodness, humility, and ability to hold a conversation with anybody on the planet.

I also have an adorable dog, Graham:

And I make art to share with people:

 Until a couple years ago, New Orleans was home. We were there for 5 glorious years and loved it (well, I was there for 5 years, Bobby was there for 3 – we have done the long distance loving and lived to tell the tale!). The festivals, the resilient people, the music, the streetcars, MARDI GRAS. It’s all magic.

While in Nola, I got to teach the most brilliantly hilarious 1st graders in the city. Sometimes we drew folk art together. They’ve still got a hold on my heart.

But Bobby’s job in the golf world was calling him away from New Orleans and I’ve always felt a pull towards creative outlets, writing, and professional speaking…so it was time to pack up, be brave, and pursue this next phase of life!

Right now, we’re bouncing between New York in the summer and Miami in the winter. I’m cranking out art no matter where we find ourselves and I currently own and run a stationery company, Tiny and Snail, with my sister Leah. Adventures abound!

But I don’t want this blog to be just me, journaling about my own life. I want it to be a way to connect to others. I want to inspire you, and just as importantly, I want to be inspired by you! So comment, and send me mail. And I’ll comment back and send mail back.

I’m here for you. Let’s do this together!