I f you missed Part I of this post, you may first want to read about how I dyed 500 clothespins. When all was said and done, I wasn’t the only one thrilled with the result. Graham was quite proud, too – and SUPER curious. He obliged happily when I asked him to pose next to all of the colorful goodness.

Once I was sure they were completely dry, I started the task of stringing the clothespins onto strings of varying lengths. I made each string either yellow/orange or pink/red – but within the string itself, I let all the different shades mix with each other.

I made strand after strand.

They started to take over the whole balcony.

Altogether, I was able to create 11 strands. Believe me, the wall above our bed was READY for a shake up.

I hammered two tiny nail in the wall and tied up the first strand. I immediately knew this was going to be a good thing.

Luckily, Bobby was off work that day so he was able to help me figure out positioning for each strand and take some photos to document the process.

We layered the strands one by one. With each one, the masterpiece got better.

It was complete.

It turned out pretty much just like I had envisioned. Both Bobby and I are really happy with the look and it makes our room feel so much more complete.

I think this worked particularly well since the clothespins complement the vibrancy of our bedspread (which is a whimsical map of the world – a homage to Semester at Sea where we met/fell head over heels for each other).

This was totally worth every ounce of time put into this project.

Cheers to sweet dreams under colorful, clothespin skies!