A  few nights ago, I fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole and ended up looking at endless images of various Anthropolgie installations. I will never tire of their use of everyday objects that are transformed into gorgeous art within their stores.

I obviously had to create some for myself.

I mentioned my desire to Bobby and told him that I needed to find the perfect branch to hang above my crafting desk. My goal? To create 6 Anthropologie-inspired installations throughout the year…so one every couple of months.

Popsugar had lots of inspiration.

Bobby found the PERFECT branch for me when he was taking Graham out the other night. It had fallen on the ground and was completely calling my name.

I hauled it up in the elevator, Graham’s leash in one hand and my prized branch in the other. I was hoping to slip up to our apartment unnoticed but that didn’t happen. A woman saw me and was like, “Oh, I bet your dog is going to love that branch!”

“Uh, yes, he really would but I’m actually going to hang it on my wall and craft with it…”

Fortunately, she took this in stride and told me that she loved to craft, too! Future friend?!? I definitely think so.

Look! So much potential!

Seeing as this initial installation would be up for Christmas time, I wanted it to have some winter-pizzaz (ha, yes, even in Miami).  This pin inspired me.

I bought a roll of 1,000 gold foil stickers – office supply style – and some white kitchen string. (No, I didn’t use all 1,000 but I have that girl scout mentality of “always be prepared” and I didn’t want to run out mid-project. Plus, it only cost $8.95 on Amazon while sheets of them with far fewer counts were more expensive. Scratching my head about that one…)

It was time to get to sticking the stickers!

Stickers officially stuck.

Then I flipped the string over and placed stickers over the backs. I’m sure this is intuitive, but just want to be thorough, you know?

I started to feel so productive, quickly creating multiple garlands.

Graham came over to ask if he could help. Sorry puppy, denied.

One and a half podcasts later, I was able to string up all of my garlands to the branch!

SO CHRISTMAS-Y! SO ANTROPOLOGIE! Can you even stand it?!?

The stickers, scissors, and string just got along so well…really made this former 1st grade teacher proud.

Can’t wait to enjoy this every time I craft over the next couple months…Keep your eyes peeled for a new Anthro-inspired installation come February!