I t was a long, winding road trip, but we finally made it to Miami! We are nearly all settled in which means that the blogging and art can resume – wheeee! Next week I’ll share some pictures of our adventures during our route from Vermont to Florida along with some shots of our apartment down here…but for now, let me share a recipe for a juice/shake that is truly noteworthy.

This juice is magenta, delicious, and lends itself perfectly to a pun. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT IN A JUICE? Bobby and I first tried this creation during a trip to NYC this summer. We were immediately enamored. It tasted like a healthy, creamy dessert. And it had beets in it, so we felt really virtuous drinking it. It was good enough that I made sure to take a picture to document the experience:

I was able to recreate it once we got home with beets from the farmers’ market and think I came pretty close! (P.S. Look at how amazing and artistic and trippy a beet can be!)

Without further ado, here is the recipe.

Can’t Stop the Beet Shake
Makes 4, 12 oz servings

-2 medium-sized beets
-2 1/2 very full cups of fresh or frozen strawberries
-1/8 tsp vanilla extract
-1 1/4 cups vanilla yogurt
-3 1/2 cups water (less water if you want it to be thicker – mine was more of a juice consistency)

Blend at high speed in the Vitamix of other powerful blender and drink up.

Happy Monday, happy juicing!