T his week I’m the biggest fan of Ariel the cashier. When Bobby and I were doing our grocery shopping last Monday, we lucked out in the check-out line. Pretty sure that Ariel is the best grocery store cashier in all of Miami. She was SO friendly and wonderful.

Seeing as it was Thanksgiving week, we had about a million groceries to ring up, and she took it all in stride. She smiled as she chatted to us about her family’s thanksgiving traditions. They all get together and cook and visit all day. They also rent a BOUNCE CASTLE.

Ariel’s family has obviously figured out how to do holidays.

It was only a three or four minute conversation, but her peppiness made all the difference. It would be so easy for her to silently slide the groceries through and not have engaged with us – but she did the exact opposite. I was so grateful for her enthusiasm and warmth, how personable she was.

The best part was when I asked if I could take her photo to give her a shout-out of sorts on this blog – she lit up (“does my hair look OK?” – I think her hair looked great, wouldn’t you all agree?). It was a good reminder for me to acknowledge and appreciate amazing humans whether I’m in the grocery store line or within the four walls of my own home. It makes a difference for both parties!

Ariel, I’m your biggest fan!

Have someone in your life who deserves to be acknowledged? Spread the love in the comments and then I will pick one person who was shouted-out and send the above quote to them with some mail art. {Only one requirement – I’m going to get in touch with you via email and ask for their address…so I’m guessing that you won’t know the home address of your local grocery store clerk or that person who helped you in Target. If you do, though, feel free to shout them out! And I applaud you for being so friendly/creepy??!?} Let’s team up!