G raham is a dog with a simple faith. The scope of things in which he believes is very narrow. He believes in the dog park. He believes in being chased around the house while Taylor Swift is singing to us. He believes in our comfy couch that he basically sinks into every day between the hours of 9am-5:30pm (when it’s time to go to the dog park, of course).

This December, I kept on asking Graham if he was excited for Santa to come. Based on his responses, it was clearly something in which he had NO belief.

I asked him if he wanted to dance to some Christmas carols, and I got this:

But December 25th changed all that. I wasn’t able to capture it on camera, but this is basically what he’s been telling me ever since the day it all changed.

You see, on Christmas morning we (Bobby, Graham, Bobby’s parents, and I) were sitting at an outdoor cafe, drinking coffee and eating some breakfast…when who do you think ambled by but Santa himself.

Santa also had a human with him, named Krupa. She was carrying a bag of treats to hand out to Mobley’s – I mean Santa’s  – dog friends. When she saw Graham, she got very generous and said that they had more than enough treats to go around and would he like some?

This was Graham’s response:

Krupa had bagged the treats in cute cellophane and told us that the treats were all natural (Graham DEVOURED them – he obviously has a pallet for the finer things). She had even taken a photo of the ingredient labels in case any dogs were allergic. Krupa is going to make a great homeroom mother someday if she and her husband have kids.

About a half hour later, they walked by again and she offered ANOTHER treat bag to Graham. He was beside himself. He was, quite literally, jumping up and down about these treats.

It completely made our morning to have such a cheery encounter. Krupa reminded me of my wonderful friend, Alisa, who hands out decorated eggs to strangers on Easter Sunday. I’m so glad to live in a world with Krupa’s and Alisa’s.

I was definitely her biggest fan – but did I ask to capture a photo of her and Mobley/Santa? No! I only thought of it after they had left and was so sad.

That’s when I got my Christmas miracle. We were walking back to our apartment and who should step out of the nearby convenience store, but Krupa’s husband! I explained how I wanted to give her some much-deserved praise on my blog and could I at least get a picture of him? He quickly said that it was all his wife’s idea and that she should get the credit – and then he offered to get my number so that they could text me a photo of Krupa and Mobley later. Amazing!

Just LOOK how wonderful they are:

She even texted me a picture of Mobley at their wedding!

So. Good.

It turns out that, when she’s not being a generous human and making strangers and dogs smile, Krupa runs a beautiful website dedicated to helping people make their dream events into realities. Check it out here.

Krupa, I’m your biggest fan (and so is Graham)!

If you’ve been following along for awhile now, you know about this next bit. It’s time to spread some more love to the people YOU think are great. Write about them in the comments and let us all know what makes them amazing, generous, inspirational. I’ll randomly choose one of those people, email you for their address, and then send some fan mail their way! Let’s team up and start off 2015 by handing out some appreciation!