H ow are we already halfway through February? I meant to share my February goals at the beginning of the month since I’m attempting goals on a monthly basis this year. That obviously didn’t happen so – LUCKY YOU – you get to jump in my time machine and go back to February 1st!

Here are my goals for the month:

I know some of them are hard to read – but hang tight, because I revised them anyway!

Just like in January, I have my habit tracker at the top – those were my resolutions for the year. Then below, I have my big creative goals and life goals for the month. I’m learning as I go with this system…if you read me initial post at the outset of the new year, you may remember that I wrote down all of my big goals on color coded post-its. I then tried to billet these out to various months that made sense.

Now I’m realizing that half of that system was flawed. I think it was beneficial and necessary to do some goal setting for the year, but I I should have just left these in a big “goal bucket” and assessed which goals I should go after at the beginning of each month. I wasn’t able to get to a large portion of January’s goals and also realized I was too ambitious with the number of things I thought I could accomplish. Readjustment for February was necessary, but I had already written those goals directly on the paper.

No problem! Nothing that a little watercolor can’t fix. I wrote out revised goals and pasted those over my pie-in-the-sky dreams from the beginning of this year.

Now this is posted on my mirror, reminding me every morning to kick myself into gear!

Thanks for being my accountability partner by reading this. Any goals that you’re working on this month? We can do it!