B obby’s birthday is this upcoming Monday, so I’m gearing up to do some major celebrating of that man. A card has been painted and written, a gift has been wrapped, a surprise with friends has been planned – I just need to make the cake this weekend and we’ll be good to go.

This year, I’ve been trying to get better at sending timely birthday cards. I know I always appreciate birthday cards so much – there is something tremendously special about knowing someone thought of you ahead of time, put pen to paper, and made a trip to the post office to let you know that the day you were born is truly worthy of celebration. Might I add that I think the specialness points increase when a narwhal is involved?

This is the latest card in my Etsy shop!

If your birthday is coming up, let me use this occasion to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If it’s not coming up soon, just know I’m glad you were born, regardless of the date. xoxo