You probably thought you’d never live to see a caterpillar wearing a kimono. Well it’s time to DREAM BIGGER, my friend. I present to you…

…a caterpillar….wearing…A KIMONO!

When I was looking up puns and phrases to put on my valentines last month, I stumbled upon this article from The Atlantic that included lots of amazing phrases from the 20’s. Phrases we should still totally use because they’re GREAT.

We as a society obviously haven’t been diligent about this, though, because when was the last time that you heard someone tell you that you were the caterpillar’s kimono? Never, besides this blog post? That’s what I thought.

Well, it’s time to right this wrong. Slang from the 1920’s deserves a comeback. Don’t be surprised if you see more of it for upcoming Folk-Art Fridays!

Happy weekend, cool caterpillars. We made it!