The other week when Bobby and I went blueberry picking, we also went down the road to pick raspberries and cherries. It only made sense to live it up and do everything in one fell swoop.


The orchard where we picked these, Mad Tom Orchard, has become a favorite of ours – this sweet older couple owns it and they open up their land to the public every summer and fall for pick-your-own raspberries, cherries, and apples. If they aren’t around, you can peek into the little gardening shed they have, get your boxes, go out and pick to your heart’s content, and then leave cash in a coffee can once you’re done. They operate off the honor system. I just love that. Makes me feel good about humanity.

We lucked out, though, because Tom himself was there when we visited! He’s the nicest man and advised us where the best berries could be found that day.

I’d be hard pressed to think of a happier date than cherry picking with each other.

(I clearly need a selfie stick.)

Vermont is constantly pulling out all the stops.

While fruit picking certainly makes me happy, it’s NOTHING compared to the joy you bring to me (and to the world!). You make me a very cheery cherry.

Have the cheeriest of weekends, friends!