T omorrow is Valentine’s Day! I truly always have appreciated this holiday – one reason being that that it allows me to send out copious amounts of love letters. If we’re being all truth-y and honest, though, I’m certainly no stranger to that little pang that comes when you don’t have that one, special Valentine. I was single for a good chunk of time before I met Bobby (translation: basically my whole life until I met him – dates were sprinkled in here and there but nothing that ever clicked and was magic).

SO. I get it if you’re in that boat. I get it if this isn’t the most enjoyable time of year for you; maybe you don’t have a significant other this year, maybe you do have one but things are rocky, maybe you just said goodbye to one, maybe you’re so in love but separated by distance…there are a million scenarios and some of them can be wonderful but some can be really painful.

Here’s what I promise you, though. Regardless of your particular circumstances this Valentine’s Day, you are SO WORTH LOVING. (If you want a great t-shirt to remind you of the fact, check out this amazing company. I love their message so, so much.)

These conversation hearts want to set the record straight, too!

It’s true! If you’re struggling this Valentine’s Day, then put that in your head on repeat. And go read this post by Shauna Niequist about the truth of your significance with or without a significant other. If you’re happy as a clam this Valentine’s Day (yay!), then maybe reach out to those around you and make sure that they’re feeling loved and cared for on a day that can bring about insecurities.

Let’s go out there and love like crazy.

PS. If you’d like to own your very own original piece of folk-art brilliance, head over to the party on Instagram! I’m going to be sending these happy little conversation hearts to one lucky person – go check out the instructions on the post to be part of the Friday fun!