I don’t care whether you’re 25 or 55 (or anywhere in between, above, or below) – adult-ing is NOT the easiest gig. Navigating insurance, booking appointments, paying bills, responding to emails in a timely fashion, waiting on the phone to talk to customer service reps, doing endless loads of laundry and on and on and on – if you’re reading this, I’m fairly confident that you fit in this “adult” category and know what I’m talking about.

Here’s a jackalope especially for you!

Just this afternoon, I’ve stared at this little guy while taking a few deep breaths and trying to figure out doctor’s appointments for Bobby and myself before we leave back to Miami. We are long overdue for your basic annual check-up – but it has involved a slew of phone calls, forms, and faxes as I try to obtain previous medical records and get everything submitted in time to hopefully squeeze in appointments before we leave. Of course, this should have been done back in May or June…and, of course, it’s been left until the last minute…excuse me while I go hyperventilate.

At any rate, if YOU need some cheering on in the adult-ing department too, I hope this helps! Let’s go get ’em!