T his week they had the PGA Show in Orlando. Bobby has been before but I never have and he asked whether I wanted to go with him and see what all the fuss was about. To prepare for this adventure, I painted a rainbow golf ball and tucked it in my purse along with some washi tape.

The show was HUGE. So many golfers in one space. Bobby saw a lot of friends and professional contacts and we got to say hi to some of our wonderful friends who run the Masters tournament. I loved getting a peek into his world!

I was on the lookout all day long for the perfect spot to post my piece of folk art. Towards the end of the day, we finally found it. Running alongside one of the booths was Jordan Spieth in all his golfing glory. The PERFECT spot.

P.S. I totally planned my outfit so it would match the Under Armour logo. ????

This little golf ball was so dang happy to be next to Jordan.

Lots of interviews, purchases, and deals are made during the show so I hope whomever saw this got a needed boost of encouragement.

Bobby was taking the photos at first but I was convinced we needed to get one from a different angle. I took over the camera…and this is what happened…

Quite possibly the most unflattering, fun-house style picture of Jordan Spieth that has ever been captured. It’s all about the angle. Sorry about that, Jordan.

Whether you’re a golfer or not, I hope you know you’re as awesome as a hole in one!