E arlier this week, Bobby and I took Graham to the vet for some scheduled shots. I decided to jump on the opportunity to leave a little bit of folk-art for some canine or feline owner who would also be frequenting the vet this week…

(To clarify, this picture was taken before we left the house. I taped up the watercolor of Graham in the vet’s office but decided not to hang up my abstract painting while at the pet hospital…though it could have totally classed the place up.)

Graham HATES going to the vet. His anxiety really cranks up and he starts trying to back out of his collar the minute we attempt to step through the doors. However, “I’m super anxious” and “I’m super happy” sometimes look the same on him…which means that I get to take some GREAT selfies during the wait time. Good old Graham, having the time of his life! Ha!

Basically though, I realize it can be emotional for pets AND owners to make a vet visit. Thankfully, we’ve never had to take Graham in for anything dire – but I can imagine the state I’d be in if that were to happen. I posted this watercolor folk-art version of Graham in the exam room and hope that it provided a little boost for just the right person who may have been in need of it.

To all you pet owners out there, your fuzzy friends are lucky to have you as their person!

Happiest of weekends to you – from both Graham and me. :)