T he good thing about moving is that it encourages reflection. As our house becomes progressively disheveled, boxes everywhere, my mind starts to think about all the people who have come into my life over the previous months. The helpful librarian who was always SO accommodating whenever I needed a book via inter-library loan. The kind members at Bobby’s club who are always so warm and welcoming whenever we see them. My pilates and zumba instructor, Pauline, who is joy on wheels. The postal workers who have seen me on a SUPER regular basis and are always willing to weight things for me, give me estimates on what it may cost to ship a package, have complimented me on my painted envelopes and mail. Our parish priest who gives the BEST homilies and is one of the most moving speakers I’ve ever encountered. The check-out kid at the grocery store who skips the small talk and asks me if I saw the latest presidential debate.

I’m thankful for each and every person who has made Vermont feel like home this summer and fall.

Thank you for allowing me into your orbits.

(P.S. This card is the newest release in my Etsy shop! It’s only available today, though, and then I’m putting the shop on vacation mode so we can do final packing tasks and hit the road. The shop will be back up in early November…but if you’ve been eyeing any mail art, today is the day to grab it!)