O ne thing about moving up and down the coast every 6 months is that it can be difficult to form community. I treasure deep friendships and those have been tricky to establish during this season of our lives. As such, it was a complete gift this week to see a grand total of FOUR great friends: a couple that we really clicked with in Miami who were up in Vermont visiting family, one of my best friends from New Orleans who visited on a road trip, and a dear friend from Semester at Sea. I was completely spoiled this week.

Seeing as my brain has been on jam lately (here’s the recipe for the most simple and delicious raspberry rhubarb jam in case you missed it), it only seems fitting that I let these precious friends know this: YOU ALL ARE MY JAM!

Who’s your jam? Who’s in your life that makes it better and makes your heart feel a little more enlarged after you’ve chatted? Here’s your homework for the weekend: don’t keep it a secret – let them know. It can be such a day brightener to know that you’re on someone’s jam list! And then go eat some jam on toast as your reward. ;)