I bet you didn’t even know that unicorns could be left handed, did you?! Well, to clarify, I’m actually pretty sure that unicorns are ambidextrous. It’s one of their magical powers. As for someone who’s (sadly) NOT so ambidextrous? This girl.

Since I’ve had to lay off painting due to my repetitive stress injury, I figured I’d try my luck at completing today’s folk-art Friday creature with my left hand. This took me 4 times as long as it normally would and it still is painfully evident that this guy was completed with my non-dominant hand.

I went to one of my favorite open air cafes the other day to read and placed lefty unicorn on the wicker table.

I hope the next customer was inspired to try something new and fun – whether that involved ordering a different item on the menu or painting a mural with their left hand. (I would be positively gleeful if that latter option actually happened.)

Here’s hoping the same for you and yours this weekend – that you step outside your normal routine in some delightful way. It’s good for you!