W e interrupt this regularly scheduled Folk-Art Friday programming for a special Phish/fish edition. As of 24 hours ago, I had no idea that I would be introduced to the wonders of Phish. But there I was last night, sitting in a huge arena, being one with the Phish.

How did I ever get to have this bucket list experience? See that guy in the blue baseball cap, trying to pretend like I didn’t just ask him to make a fish face with us? That’s Mike. He’s a co-worker of Bobby’s and he insisted that we come to the concert with him and said it was his treat. What an unexpected surprise! Thanks, Mike! We’re your biggest fans!

My knowledge of bands is next to nothing. Example: for years I thought that The Grateful Dead was a heavy metal band. (Maybe you thought that too, in which case, it’s nice to meet you.) Bobby couldn’t stop laughing when I looked at a Grateful Dead record in disdain a few years ago and said I had no interest in “listening to screamo music.” Assumptions, they’re one of my specialties. Bobby assured me that they were much more along the lines of Dave Matthews Band than any screamo group.

So it follows that I knew nothing about Phish. The other night, our neighbors told us they were “going to go to fish (read: Phish)” for New Year’s Eve and I thought they were embarking on a midnight boating expedition.

Bobby informed me that Phish was “a jam band.”

No, not that kind of jam band, whole wheat toast. A jam band that takes one of their regular songs and then JAMS like crazy. A band that all the phish can dance and JAM to.

Let me tell you, the people watching was at it’s finest last night. That was really the crown jewel of the evening for me, and I obviously would be cruel not to share it with you in some way.

I COULD just try to draw some of the concert-goers as I saw them, but it’s quite obvious that their spirit animals are sea creatures. Thus, the following representations do a better job of capturing the essence of each fan.

I present to you…Chicken Suit Man:

Sparkly Pom Pom Lady:

Shirtless 60 year-old man dancing his face off:
The Three Wise (?) Men Wearing Marriott Robes:

Woman Wearing Every Pattern Ever Created:
Lead Drummer Wearing a Mumu Dress:

Baby Phish With Huge Headphones On (to protect their little fishy eardrums):

Mind you, this was only what I was able to observe from my little spot of the coral reef. I can only imagine how many other wonders I would have seen had we been able to hang out in various parts of the arena.

I leave you with a parting shot of the sign leading to the women’s restroom. It was a confirmation that I was meant to be there: