Y ou! Yes, you! I don’t know how your week has been – I don’t know whether it’s been rough and stressful or carefree and wonderful. Here’s what I DO know, though: you are as amazing as a double rainbow!

This Monday when I launched my Etsy shop, Bobby took on the responsibility of taking Graham out for a run on the golf course. It had been raining much of the day but it was finally starting to clear up. A couple minutes after they traipsed out the back door, I got a call from Bobby. “You HAVE to come out here. There’s the most amazing double rainbow I’ve ever seen!”

I walked out to the course and there it was. I’ve only seen a double rainbow that rivaled the likes of this one in movies with lots of special effects. Both rainbows were full, arching from one end of the golf course to the other. They were both shining and bright – the second one wasn’t even faint. (I know it looks a little faint in this picture – trust me when I say my photo doesn’t do it justice.) I so badly wanted to capture the whole thing but wasn’t able to. After a couple minutes of trying different angles and shots, I gave up and simply stared up at the miraculous sky. I started laughing and tears came to my eyes. It felt like God had given me his own Etsy launch party. It filled me with such peace and hope, which I think are two of the best feelings in the world.

As amazing as double rainbows are (and they are OUT OF THIS WORLD INCREDIBLE in my humble opinion), it’s an unequivocal fact that you’re even more amazing, more miraculous. Double rainbows make the world a better place and so do you!

PS. This probably sounds sales pitchy, but I just put this card up for sale in the shop. Kind of like a “new release Friday” type thing. I’ll probably do this for many Folk-Art Fridays going forward…so if you’re dying to tell someone that THEY’RE as rad as a double rainbow via a greeting card and some words of love and affirmation, now you can!

Happiest of weekends, rainbow people xoxo