We are 13 sleeps away from Christmas.

I know there’s the temptation to fit in absolutely everything and create perfectly wrapped presents and send out an amazing Christmas card (ha, refer to yesterday’s post for exhibit A), and go to all of the Christmas concerts, and have people over for homemade hot chocolate, and decorate the cutest holiday cookies to gift the neighbors and and and…

And sometimes if just makes more sense to choose one or two things and really savor them. If you’ve been having trouble giving yourself permission to do that, consider it granted, courtesy of Miss Kitty Cat and Graham, the world’s most patient dog.

Sure, I want to do some of those holiday activities – and you’d better believe that you’ll hear about them on here – but I want to make it my number one priority to intentionally relax, maybe in footed pajamas, with the ones I love this season. As Shauna Niequist says:

Present over perfect, friends. We can do this.