M otivational books are my jam. When I was in middle school and high school, I practically inhaled them. I used to work as a cave tour guide and I would bring these various books with me whenever I worked. We had so much time in between each tour that I was able to GET STUFF DONE. I even brought my whole scrapbooking setup once.

Were any other guides doing these things with their down time? Uh, no. I was kind of the Queen of Productivity around there.

Anyway, my brother, Stephen, also worked as a tour guide there at one point after I had graduated. Just last Christmas, Stephen said he ran into our old boss Peter. Peter asked, “How’s Grace doing? Has she written a self-help book yet? That girl read more motivational books than anyone I’ve ever met.”

Bahaha, not yet, Peter, but you will be one of the first to know when I have. It brought me right back to my high school days, huddled behind the gift shop counter with a book and highlighter in hand.

So yes. Motivational books. I love them.

I had to be painstakingly selective when packing up from New Orleans, deciding which books I would haul with me (the others are waiting for me patiently in a storage unit and we will be joyfully reunited once Bobby and I are living somewhere more permanently). These ones made the cut – I’ll read them again and again over my lifetime.

There’s this book called Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. I’ve actually never read it (you know, I only had so much time at Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns), but I know the general thesis of it and I think about it frequently. Basically, the main advice is to tackle the hard things right away. Then those tasks won’t be weighing you down and everything after that will feel like dancing.

Today, I HAD to take care of some adult chores like calling AT&T to figure out internet stuff, dealing with some banking things…basically the type of tasks that I dread and break out in small sweats over. Bobby was going to make the call to AT&T until I gave myself a little pep talk and realized that I am beyond capable to make a phone call and ask some questions to a friendly representative.

Now that I did it, I get to send him messages like this!

Sometimes you just need a little pep talk. Sometimes you just need to eat that frog. (Okay just not THAT frog. He’s way too cute. Ummm, how about that for a little God wink? I swear Bobby knew nothing about the content of this post today.)

I hope you’ll join me in following Mama Rabbit’s advice. Let’s dominate this day together!