O kay, so it turns out that I’m not the only one excited about goal setting and habit forming around here – my folk-art animals have been running around in their New Year’s hats, shrieking with delight over 2015 and begging me to let them share some of their tips for making things happen.

I love public speaking, too, so how could I ever say no?

Here’s the deal we came up with: for the month of January, these little motivational speakers get to share their goal-setting wisdom with you on Fridays. They’re very excited.

OK, Mouse, what’s your tip for us?

(Yes, Mouse did just change party hats. He’s a speaker who appreciates his props.)

When I asked him to explain further, he referenced Dr. Carter, a sociologist, happiness expert, and author. She put it this way:

“My best advice is to start by picking just one ridiculously easy habit to work on. Start with what Stanford habit researcher BJ Fogg calls a “tiny habit.” The reason that I want you to think small is that deliberate habit formation is a skill. Starting with a tiny habit is like learning to dog paddle before you learn the breast stroke….By necessity they (tiny habits) need to be ridiculously easy, and this makes them feel trivial and unimportant. But tiny habits are about skill building, and about inching your way towards the bigger resolutions you make.” ~Dr. Christine Carter

Brilliant. Yesterday, I talked in depth about the new habits I’m trying on this year. If you read that post, maybe you picked up on my two tiny habits: prayer and meditation. Not pulling out the big guns with them, just reading something from the devotional next to my bed to start off my morning and then meditating for one measly, little, mouse-sized minute at night. The minute is over almost before I even realize it began.

Bobby is trying to finally form the nightly habit of flossing by taking care of at least two teeth before going to bed. If he does more, awesome! If not, he met his goal – celebration time!

I’m telling you, I think the mouse nailed it with this one. Tiny habits are where it’s at.

(Not to step on Mr. Mouse’s toes or anything, but special thanks to Miranda who forwarded Dr. Carter’s email to me, alerting me to this tip and her amazing work!)

Happy Friday! Now go forth and make some tiny habits!

(*Over the next few days, I’ll be conducting some phone interviews for Teach for America – but I’ll be back with regular posts starting next Wednesday!)