I  know some some people hate New Year’s resolutions. And I get it that you don’t have to wait for some arbitrary date on the calendar to start goal setting. Still, there’s a special boldness that January 1st gives me and I’m taking and running with it.

Now is the time!

Now is the right time to sign up for that pottery class.

Now is the right time to try improv.

To go to therapy.

To forgive that person.

To conquer your fear of public speaking.

To make peace with your body and love it with all of it’s imperfections.

To get a kitten. (I can already hear all the 5 year-olds out there, squealing in delight and agreement. The 5 year-old blog reading audience, huge demographic.)

To verbalize how much you love the people in your life. Like an honest-to-goodness, paragraph length, “I-love-you-and-this-is-why” chat.

Whatever it’s time for you to do, THE TIME IS NOW. You and me both. Let’s be brave together and do this thing.