M y folk-art animals have been begging me to venture out into the world and so, this week, it finally happened. I love the thought of leaving random illustrations for people to find and have turned this idea over in my head for years – honestly, YEARS. The thought of strangers stumbling upon a little piece of joy makes my heart sing. (I’d love to live in a world where I came across love notes and encouragement on a regular basis while out and about…so I’m starting with me.) I’m calling it Post for Peace.

This little mouse seemed like the perfect creature to debut this new venture:

You may recognize that quote – it’s a rift on one of my favorites from H. Jackson Brown, Jr.: “Life is slippery. Here, take my hand.” The holidays are a notoriously tough time for so many people. I don’t want to forget that, in the midst of my joy and happiness celebrating with the ones I love, there are so many who are missing someone deeply. There are people struggling with finances, suffering from depression or cancer or the loss of a job, or a million other heartaches that become that much more acute during this time of year.

It can be a slippery time.

Here, take my hand.

I used washi tape to put the little tutu mouse on a map by one of the Metromover stops in Miami. (The Metromover runs through downtown…if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you may remember that I had a hilariously bad experience on it last year due to my lack of finesse with public transportation.)

I hope someone saw this tutu-wearing mouse and felt a little less alone.

If the holidays are feeling slippery for you, know that I’m sending out prayers. You are lovely and you are loved.

Hang in there, friend.