I  think the downside of blogs is that they can make us feel like we’re somehow less. So let’s squash that right here, right now. You are one in one million.

You are more than the Christmas presents you buy or receive this year. You are more than the gourmet meals you cook or don’t cook. You are more than all of those Pinterest-y crafts that you attempt or don’t even bother with.

Logically, I think we know that this stuff ultimately isn’t important. But then we hop on the computer, or walk into that holiday party, and we start to hyperventilate. I get it.

SO go shout this from your rooftop, or from your condo balcony, or from your tiny farm in Kentucky – whatever your situation is – “I am one in a million jillion! I am more!” 

And print out and paste this little million dollar bill to your bathroom mirror if you need somebody else to tell you. He already let me know he’d be happy to oblige.

Happy Friday, friends! You are loved, you are adored.