C hristmas is only 6 sleeps away! The folk art animals around our place are dying of excitement!!! (I realize the animals look a little freaked out – but just look at the penguin’s face. It says it all.)

The above nativity scene is basically what my grand vision was for our screen printed Christmas cards last year. Because of space limitations, though, I was limited to one reindeer and baby Jesus. So now I get to put it out into the world, fully actualized, just a year later  – this blog is making all of my dreams come true!

This is the first holiday season that I’ve spent in a warm place. For the first 27 years of my life, I was in either South Dakota (where my family lives) or, more recently, Maine (where Bobby’s grandparents are from).

This is the thought that is on re-run in my brain:

Yes, despite the sunny skies of Miami, Christmas really is on the way. To convince ourselves and revel in the holiday spirit, here is what we’ve been doing:

1) Cranking up the holiday music. This holiday music to be exact…

(Not even ashamed. Don’t worry, all you traditionalists. Nat King Cole is getting some air time, too.).

2) Baking the most delicious Christmas cookies around. I’m actually rather skeptical of peanut butter cookies and made these more out of love for Bobby. Let’s just say these converted me and I bow down before the greatness of Joy the Baker and her recipe.

3) Listening to aforementioned music and eating aforementioned cookies while finishing up this year’s Christmas cards. Here’s a sneak peek, full post to come next week!

4) Reveling in skies like this that might not deliver the magic of snow but that do deliver the most delicious sunsets I’ve seen in awhile.

Happy Friday, friends! How have you been celebrating this most wonderful time of the year?