S eptember is gearing up to be a big month. I can feel it in my bones. For the longest time, September meant school – whether I was the student or the teacher (hi teacher friends! I miss you!). I’m technically no longer either of those roles but I AM a student of Etsy these days. I’ve mentioned it a few times and have been doing lots of behind the scenes work to prepare for a shop launch – I’m ready to offer a river of greeting cards and cheerful mail to help us all spread a little more love. And it feels really, really great that I can finally say with confidence that I’ll be able to open the shop soon!

Since so much of my focus has been on creating card designs, I think Folk-Art Friday this month will feature sneak peeks of various watercolor paintings that have made the cut for greeting cards…

This one goes out to all those parents who made it through summer with their kiddos and finally get a little breathing room. It goes out to all those hard working, big-hearted teachers who have one of the hardest jobs in the world and are providing hope, love, and knowledge to all their kids. It goes out to all the kids who are back at it and working hard to learn and grow and sit still on the carpet. You all are magical. You all are heroes. You all deserve a parade!

Tossing confetti in the air for you all and sending love and admiration from my little watercolor workshop!