E arlier this week I got an email from a friend from college. We haven’t been in touch for over five years, but she discovered the blog and felt compelled to write. This blog thing can be magical sometimes, I’m telling you.

Here’s what I loved: when I asked her how life was for her these days, it was STRAIGHT UP TRUTH. There wasn’t any of this glossy surface stuff. It was the good days mixed in with the panic. It skipped the cocktail conversation and instead talked about how terrifying cocktail parties can be when you don’t currently have a box to which to assign yourself.

It didn’t matter that we hadn’t been in communication for five years. There wasn’t a need to play dress up. That’s what I love: emails who show up in sweat pants.

So thank you, sweet friend, for keeping it wheel/real. It meant more to me than you know.

Let’s all do that for each other today, yeah? Drop the pretenses and instead bring a little vulnerability to the table. That’s where the true connection is found.

Enough of this Cheese Whiz. Give us the brie.