I f you were here last Friday, you may recall that I’m delving into some 1920’s slang that simply MUST make a comeback. So today, we it’s time for our second language lesson…

When I initially read this phrase, I thought, “huh, I never knew that sardines had whiskers! You learn something new everyday!” I promptly went to Google, whereupon I found ZERO sardines with whiskers.

To be fair, Google obviously wasn’t around in the 20’s…and I think most of the images I saw were modern sardines. How can I be certain? Well, for one, I didn’t see any sardines with whiskers. Painfully obvious clue, staring me in the face. Today’s sardines are more clean cut than the sardines of yesteryear. I’ve concluded that sardines of the present day just take shaving more seriously than their predecessors from the 1920s.

P.S. Apparently, today is the International Day of Happiness. So get out there and tell someone they’re the sardine’s whiskers. It will make them happy…or it just might bring about confusion. Either way, I’m pretty sure it will be worth it.