I t’s Friday, which is totally cause for celebration (actually, any day of the week you’re on this flower-filled Earth is cause for celebration, right?!?). Just a friendly reminder, though – don’t get SO pumped that you forget any deadlines. You don’t want to be caught unawares like this little sugar glider.

(Yes, that sugar glider is wearing a cavalier hat and wielding a sword. Yes, he is cavorting in a field of snapdragons. Why? Not like it needs explanation…in the world of folk-art, anything goes! But I’ll give you one anyway. See, every year the Catholic school system back in my hometown does a big fundraising auction. Since I’m an alum, my mom – also known as my agent – thought it would be fun if I created a custom piece of folk art to donate. This incorporates the motto (“That’s due today??”) and class flower (snapdragon) that the high school senior class chose. The school mascot is a cavalier. And we all KNOW they would have chosen the sugar glider as their class animal if they had only been asked to vote on such a thing. So there you have it! Doesn’t the watercolor make SO MUCH SENSE now?)

Now that Bobby and I are back in Miami after the most whirlwind week and a half of working the Masters Tournament, I’m back in business! Your Biggest Fan, reporting for duty. See you on Sunday, friends!