W ith Thanksgiving coming up, gratitude is on my mind. And gratitude and wonder go hand in hand – at least that’s what Twinkle Toes the Unicorn told me this morning.

I try to practice gratitude regularly, but I want to make a special effort this week. What can I notice that I’ve been taking for granted? Where can I instill a jolt of wonder within my everyday surroundings?

Bobby and I were listening to this podcast in the car yesterday and the guy being interviewed said something that stood out to me: he doesn’t just try to practice gratitude but he attempts “creative gratitude.” He wants to notice things that he’s never stopped to be grateful for in the past. I like his twist on this.

There are SO MANY things to be grateful for, to stare at in wonder and amazement. Gifts that I tend to take for granted.

The (awesome) fact that I can get succulents at Home Depot and bring nature inside my house for $1.67 per plant.

Getting to live out my days with Bobby. I had this dream last night where I was dating someone else and things were fine but I felt this very real ache – because I just wanted to be married to Bobby. Then I woke up and felt such a zap of joy because real life was (and is!) so much better than my dreams. Real life beating out dreams = AMAZING.

That delicious, daring feeling when you think you’ve maybe, just maybe  beaten a cold…it’s like escaping the inevitable. How is that even possible?!? So when it happens, it deserves to be celebrated. This is the boat I’m in today and I’m jumping up and down, sticking my tongue out at The Cold That Didn’t Win.

(Just a little PSA for everyone – that Umcka ColdCare really is amazing. I used to get sick all.the.time as a teacher and I absolutely relied on that stuff. It’s supposed to be taken once you know the cold has come and then it shortens the duration and lessens the symptoms. At Whole Foods, worth every penny.)

The fact that it’s raining today. Even though I’m a sunshine girl through and through, this rain means that our grapefruit tree gets to be watered for FREE.

While we’re at this “creative gratitude” business, let’s think about the fact that I am capable of having a GRAPEFRUIT TREE on my balcony in the middle of a city. AMAZING.

The invention of ladders…and feet that can walk up those ladders…meaning that the malfunctioning shades on our incredibly tall, wonderful windows will finally open to the light again.

Life. It’s all so good. What are you feeling creative gratitude for these days? Come join the wonder-party in the comments and share!