Here are some glimpses of life around the Nixon Peterson household these days…

Glimpse of the champagne jello shots made by our friend Erica for New Year’s. Are you stunned to see the words ‘champagne’ and ‘jello shots’ right next to each other like that? Me too, friend. Impossible things are happening every day.

Glimpse of my adorable and hilarious brothers, Stephen and William, over winter break. I’m having a difficult time rotating this photo, but I’m hoping it will just give you a chance to gently stretch your neck…I wasn’t home in South Dakota for Christmas this year, but receiving snaps was the next best thing. This is in the running for Best Snapchat of 2014.

Glimpse of all the Christmas card love still hanging in our entryway. They will probably be up for at least another month, I just love them too much to pack them away.

Glimpse of fresh fish at the brand new Whole Foods that just opened up by our apartment. Bobby and I stood in the fish area with our jaws on the floor. Look at the boat captain’s name on the little chalkboard! We’ve never lived in an area with such an abundance of fresh seafood, practically straight from the boat to the store.  Affording this fresh seafood on a regular basis is a completely different matter, but I digress.

Glimpse of our first date night in awhile. Bobby finally got to leave work before 9PM and he called and said, “Get ready because I’m taking you out.” Hallelujah, quality time! (Bobby pointed out that this picture would be so much better with a selfie stick.)

Glimpse of Bobby cuddling Graham (aka the 2 year-old human toddler) before we left on our aforementioned date night.

Glimpse of one of the most wow-worthy sunsets I’ve seen this month. I Snapchatted that baby to practically everyone I know.

Glimpse of Bobby’s best impression of Graham when I use my teacher-voice on him.

Glimpse of shrimp and grits. It’s carnival season right now in New Orleans, which means we’re missing King Cakes and pre-Mardi Gras excitement. Sigh. So I made this little feast in tribute and we ate and thought about the city that has a hold on our hearts.

Glimpse of a fancy breakfast hash I made (since we’re on the food train). Trying to channel the gourmet breakfasts my parents whip up from dinner leftovers.

Glimpse of my hard-won, Florida driver’s license. I waited in lines for over 3 1/2 hours for that thing….but I don’t have to renew again until 2023. That deserves a HOO-RAH.

Wishing you painted skies and hope-filled days!