Here are some glimpses of life around the Nixon Peterson household these days…

Glimpse of Deluxe Butternut Mac n’ Tease from the gorgeous blog My New Roots. We aren’t anywhere close to vegan, but I’ve been trying out some recipes lately and they have all be SO good.

Glimpse of Graham, utterly exhausted. He was probably fed up with all of my crafting.

Glimpse of a beach day. We have gone to the beach an embarrassingly low number of times, mostly due to Bobby’s insane schedule this winter. Maybe we’ll try to crank it up next winter!

Glimpse of a breathtaking Miami scene – rowers on the river by our condo. I’ve never lived in a place where I could take Graham on a walk and see something like this. I literally gasped, it was so wonderful.

Glimpse of breakfast for dinner. Ron Swanson is starting to influence me. (I don’t know how it took me until now to start watching Parks and Recreation. I’m trying to pace myself because I already know it will be a tragic day when I finish all the seasons…I’m not doing that great of a job, though.)

Glimpse of a sweet note from my one and only. Shower love notes are bathroom staples for us.

Glimpse of a grapefruit bloom on the tree that’s on our balcony. Did you catch that?!? This is going to turn into an actual grapefruit!

Glimpse of my 10 year-old brother William out on a South Dakota hike and reenacting a scene from the Lion King. My mom texted this to me and I cracked up. Oh I love him so.

Glimpse of a walk with Bobby and Graham (not pictured – he’s on the ground, intently focused on finding squirrels). How perfect is this heart-shaped leaf?

Glimpse of some ridiculously wonderful creatures at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. I saw these on our road trip back from working the Masters tournament and immediately fell in love. I don’t tend to collect little knick-knacky things…unless they’re AWESOME like these little guys. There’s just something about them. Cats weren’t the only animal for sale but also foxes and deer and pandas…it took ALL of my self restraint to just take a picture and walk back to the car. Still dreaming about them.

Glimpse of the unicorn bandaid I’m wearing today. My mom sent these to me in a care package after I wrote the post about real life unicorns. No, I don’t have any injury – this is purely for decoration. I’m hoping that some of the unicorn magic will rub off on me as I undertake more chores to prep us for our big move…

Glimpse of real life, lest you think that our days are solely filled with beaches and unicorns. Yep, it looks like a bomb went off in our apartment. We are in the full throws of moving and prepping to leave for Vermont. Since May is a big month of celebrations and birthdays, I’ve been feverishly putting together packages while sorting through craft supplies, putting together blog posts, and reminding myself that this is a grand adventure.

Life is filled with loveliness and cardboard boxes, delicious meals and runs to the storage unit – trying to take it all in with gratitude and deep breaths!