Here are some glimpses of life around the Nixon Peterson household these days – because, as Mary Oliver said,

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” {Mary Oliver, goddess of poetry}

(Fair warning: many of these glimpses are of food. I have an endless appreciation for how beautiful abundance can look on a plate, in a bowl, or in a mason jar. When it comes down to it, we pay a lot of attention to food and drink around here. Mary Oliver, advice taken.)

Glimpse of all the smoothies I have been making. I make at least one a day so ALL the smoothie colors are getting a turn.

Glimpse of the cinnabon treats we had on Sunday morning to celebrate Bobby’s day off.

Glimpse of the lunch sandwiches I’ve been making for Bobby to take to work.

Glimpse of taking full advantage of pomegranate season. Putting them on top of salads, yogurt, and these beautiful pancakes that Bobby made that were the size of my head.

Glimpse of Graham blissfully soaking in the Miami sun through the big, glorious windows in our apartment.

Glimpse of a beautiful church we went to as we continue to explore and figure out which one will be ‘home’ for us down here.

Glimpse of us being SUPER ‘Merican and attending our very first NASCAR race this past weekend. I swear, we took about 20 selfies in hopes of getting some cars in that shot and it was next to impossible. That’s how fast they were. But this one was a winner! We went with some of Bobby’s co-workers and every bit of the experience was unreal. The people watching, the constant overstimulation for over 3 hours, sucking more exhaust into my lungs than I’ve EVER done before…it was SUCH a bucket-list experience, one I’m so glad we had and one I never want to repeat. (wink)

November, thanks for being so good to us so far.