H ow did February fly by so quickly?!? Oh, I know how – it only has 28 days, that tricky little thing. Since I’m not into assigning blame, I won’t say that the lack of extra days is the reason I didn’t achieve some of my February goals…but, you know, it certainly didn’t help. ;)

While I’m apt to focus on the things that I wasn’t able to complete, I’m just reminding myself that I got a bucketload of Project Life completed, know more about Instagram and investing than I did a month ago, and have done a pretty good job at keeping my new habits and resolutions on a daily basis. Those are some big wins!

This sounds unnecessarily competitive in light of my February goals – I didn’t really set them with other people in mind. I just wanted to get some important things accomplished. Some of those projects happened, some still didn’t (oh business cards, how you allude me!).

The reason I LIKE Cameron’s quote, though, is because it still makes total sense to me when I just frame things as Grace competing with Grace. I didn’t realize that my February goals weren’t all going to be attainable…but in hindsight, given the fact that I really felt like I was hustling the whole month, maybe they could fall into the “ridiculously high” category for me. So I failed above the success I would have had if I hadn’t written down my goals and chased after some ambitious tasks.

I don’t enjoy looking at those unfilled circles and triangles…and this may start to become kind of humorous if the trend continues and I keep posting several goals every month that went unmet…but I’ve got James Cameron, the CREATOR OF TITANIC, to back me up that those failures are okay, so I’m going to keep my head held high.

Here are my goals for March!

Just as last month, I had to cover up some of the goals I thought I would accomplish when I created these sheets in January. Those will get pushed to later months.

In the creative realm, I’m going to keep on trucking through Project Life and, as soon as I’m caught up, I will post about my March project for 12 Months of Making. And I’m going to keep the goal about business cards…sooner or later I WILL have a tangible piece of delightful paper to hand to strangers and explain myself.

Life-wise, we have some important things to tackle. This month, Bobby is finally done with his certification work. Hooray Bobby! I’m hoping this means that we can sit down (over a cocktail, of course) and have some good strategizing sessions over budgets and taxes.

Also, since he hopefully will have a bit more free time during his days off, I’m going to try to schedule our dentist appointments. This means I need to research Miami dentists first and then go from there…the joys of being in a new city! Wish me luck!

What about you? Do you write down your goals? What are you working towards this month? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS FOR YOU!