A fter creating 108 colorful images with the use of beautiful magazine pages, tempera paints, and oil pastels it was time to start “quilting” them together on our bedroom wall to make wallpaper. My needle and thread was washi tape.

As a reminder, this is what the wall looked like before it got the facelift.

One by one, I started taping up the pages. I didn’t focus too much on order, though I did try to switch up colors and patterns to some extent – for example, if I had a piece with polka dots then I might put an image with lines or squares next to it instead of more circles. You know, genius-level decisions.

I got so in the zone with putting up this wallpaper that I didn’t even stop to take any pictures along the way. So let’s just go from zero to sixty…here’s the finished product!

Once again, I shushed the perfectionist within me and didn’t get too worried about the right end of the wall. The pages were from various catalogs, some of which varied in width; as such, each row didn’t match up evenly when I got to the end. There was also a light switch to contend with, so there is a bare patch of wall surrounding it. There is also some space at the bottom of the wall that is not covered in images because I would have had to chop them down in order to fit correctly. I decided I was A-OK with these little imperfections.

I LOVE how this turned out. It’s bold and quirky and matches the overall aesthetic of the room.

Graham loved it too and insisted on taking some glamour shots next to it.

It’s been fun to lie in bed, look at each individual image, pick out favorites, and then let my eyes zoom out and take in the whole thing.

I think this could be SUCH a fun project to do with kids for a child’s bedroom or play room. They could easily participate in the painting and pastel process and would probably take so much pride in their unique wall – plus, it can easily be taken down when tastes change.

Between the clothespin instillation and this homemade wallpaper, I’m declaring our bedroom FINISHED and a giant success! What about you? Have you experimented with wallpaper? I want to hear about it!