W e got a puppy. My mom kept on trying to convince us that having a child would be SO much easier (“You can take a child anywhere with you! But you can’t take a dog everywhere!” Ummmm, yeah, except for that part where you pretty much HAVE to take a child everywhere with you. I think dogs are a little easier to crate train than newborns. Don’t get me wrong – we’re excited to have kids, but starting with a puppy definitely seems like the easy starter option.)

Here’s our very first family photo. Honestly, this was taken the minute that Bobby got in the door with him.

Alright. So yes, we got a puppy – who came to us as Benji, but we renamed…drumroll please…Jimmy Graham Juan Pablo Nixon Peterson. Graham for short, so we don’t always have to explain our embarrassing obsession with The Bachelor.

He’s great. More to come on this little guy soon!