F ormalized goals were on the back burner for April and May – between working the Masters tournament and the move from Miami, I just never pulled my goal sheets together. Those months were far from total flops and a LOT was accomplished…but I did notice that it was a lot easier to let my routines and habits slide without the pressure to track them. Public accountability is the way to go for me. (If you’re ever resistant to goal-setting, I totally feel you. As I sat down to do this, I was whining to myself. “Do I have to???” Yes. The answer is yes. Even though having these goals staring at me in the face sometimes gives me a slight anxiety, they light a fire. Structure is good, even if I resist it sometimes.)

Here are my goals for June.

My social media boundaries are coming back into play this month. It’s WAY too easy to lose pockets of my day without sticking to rules around Instagram and Facebook. I’ve kept up with my index card journaling but my one minute meditation and book reading has fallen to the wayside. Time to start those things back up!

Bobby and I have been doing a good job of working out since we got to Vermont, and I’m excited for that to continue.

As for creative goals, I STILL have to make business cards. If you’ve been following along with my goals this year, you’ll know that this is rather embarrassing to have this, yet again, as a goal. To my credit, I did order the supplies from Amazon two months ago and, unbeknownst to them at the time, they were out of stock. So I’ve been waiting and waiting because I have a specific vision for these cards. I’ve decided, though, that something must be done in the interim. Some makeshift business cards will fill the gap.

Then there are some other fun creative goals (researching Etsy in order to start a stationary shop! Insert that huge, insane smiling emoji here!), most of which you’ll surely see a post or two about over the coming weeks. I’ve covered up my 12 Months of Making goal for this month because I just like keeping you in suspense. ;) Check in next week to see what I’m up to for that!

For life goals (AKA don’t-forget-to-be-an-adult goals), we have Aflac insurance stuff to deal with and are also going to take a look at our investments.

June is going to be good, I can feel it! What are your goals this month?