W e have lived in Miami for a grand total of four and a half months now. In mid-May, we will leave for Vermont. In the first month of moving into our sunlit loft apartment, we really hustled to get it feeling warm and comfortable. We invested in the most gorgeous rug ever produced, set up my crafting area and made it artful with an Anthropologie-esque instillation, made a bed frame out of pallets, and went antique shopping to make vintage crates into nightstands. If I were giving Bobby and myself a report card grade for turning our house into a home during that first month, I’d give us a solid B.

I had other plans to “complete” our space. For one, I bought 100s of clothespins to create a piece of wall art. As of 5 days ago, those were still sitting in their plastic wrapping. I bought them in November. A huge, blank wall above the couch has been staring at us for ages. Every once in awhile, it lets out a lonely moan to let me know that it would like to be decorated with something, anything.

For the last little while, I’ve been telling myself that, time-wise, I missed the window. Our home is pretty good. It earned a B grade. We’re moving in two months…do I really want to put so much time and effort into projects that will just have to come down?

Then I read the book, The Nesting Place, that was a birthday gift from my dear friends Maren and Ben.

Myquillyn shares different insights about embracing the home that you’re in. She’s somewhat of an expert as she and her family have lived in THIRTEEN different homes over the years. She’s done her best to truly make each home feel like it’s theirs, even though each and every one has been a rental. I got a little more convinced as I turned each page. Even though we’re only renting, even though we’re only here for a couple more months…it was time to complete our apartment. (Note: it’s not like this was a moral imperative. It didn’t spring out of a need for perfection. It just felt like a goal that was right for me as I love creating warm spaces anyway. Despite the inevitable move, I know the amount of joy Bobby and I will get from living in a “completed” space for our remaining time in Miami will be worth it.)

The more I thought about it, this goal lined up with my 12 Months of Making challenge…so the first half of March has been dedicated to getting caught up on Project Life and the tail end of March will be dedicated to mixed media as I make our place feel “finished.”

I’m going full steam ahead over these next couple weeks, turning some of these blank walls into (imperfect but wonderful) masterpieces! Stay tuned – and go read The Nesting Place if you are looking for similar inspiration!