Y ou read that correctly: my mom is a unicorn. This leads us to the natural conclusion that I am a proud unicorn baby. I only recently discovered this and have been reveling in the fact ever since.

See, when I wrote my post about Real Life Unicorns, my mom LOVED it – and she was like, “I never knew this until today, but my spirit animal is a unicorn!” She was so excited. Honestly, never have truer words been spoken. My mom is constantly bringing magic into other people’s lives – delivering surprise bouquets of flowers from the garden, having people over for themed tea times, delivering gorgeous meals to new parents – usually complete with a cute tablecloth she sewed for them to make the table look festive. We’re talking consideration for others that goes to a whole new level. She’s amazing and inspiring and makes others feel so loved.

Then the craziest thing happened 3 years ago: I married into a family where I got a SECOND unicorn mother! Bobby’s mom, Gini, is one of my favorite people on earth. Like any purebred unicorn, she is unbelievably generous and scatters her magic wherever she goes. Gini makes you feel SO GOOD about yourself because she is genuinely interested in who you are and what makes your heart light up. She’s one of those special people that you just want to share everything with because you know she’s going to be nothing but enthusiastic.

As such, when it came time to send Mother’s Day gifts it seemed pretty obvious that they needed to be unicorn-themed. I decided to make sets of hand painted watercolor unicorn notecards for both of them. (I think unicorns are officially my favorite animal to paint.)

First came the brainstorming:

I’m sure those sketches will be auctioned off for millions one day. ;)

I came up with 4 different designs.

Then I painted and painted and painted – while watching Parks and Recreation and laughing myself silly, of course.

Finally, they were all complete!

Here are some individual pictures of each design, accompanied by the most magical craft item around: puff balls.

Unicorns have become a total obsession. Don’t get me wrong, I still love painting other creatures…but I think I could paint these for days and be happy as a clam (er, happy as a unicorn).

Just doing my best to give every color of the rainbow equal air time.

Then I packaged them up in colorful yarn and ribbon. Since my mom keeps a little miniature shelf, I also included a mini unicorn with her set. And one minuscule unicorn shall rule them all.

Finally, I slipped them into some dressed-up mailing envelopes and sent them off. Bobby and I can’t hand them bouquets in person today, but we can deliver them through the USPS.

Happy Mother’s Day to our 2 beautiful unicorn mothers! Don’t know where Bobby and I would be without you and your magic xoxo

To all you wonderful souls, have a magical Mother’s Day!