T his secret may not change your life but it just may change your smoothie intake and that’s kind of the same thing. Right? Lean in close so I can whisper in your virtual ear…vanilla. A tiny splash of vanilla will transform your smoothies and take them to the professional level.

I can’t take credit for this secret. I discovered it through Leanne Brown’s cookbook, Good and Cheap. I’ll revisit that at some point because the beautiful recipes she created have brought some definite magic to our table over these past few months. But for now – back to the smoothies.

The directions are painstakingly simple. 1) Put your delicious ingredients in a blender.

2) Add just a little bit of vanilla – I eyeball it, but put in under a teaspoon. Start small. You can always add in a little more if you can’t taste the subtle “pop.” (Or smoothness, really.)

Blend it all up, and drink away. You’re such a smoothie pro! You should saunter into Smoothie King with your homemade creation and brag to them about your mad skills!

Side note: I don’t always add vanilla. Sometimes I want just the pure taste of fruit. It’s nice to have this little trick up my sleeve and be able to switch it up, though.

Try it, I think you’ll like it – Graham thinks you’ll like it, too. Let me know what you think if you give this a spin!