A few weeks ago, I sent out another round of fan mail to unsuspecting people who had been mentioned in the comments of a previous post.

I know I mentioned that I had found the best stationary ever created when I stumbled upon the Library of Congress cards…but I think these little creatures may get the runner-up prize:

Aren’t they the cutest? Straight from Japan, but available through Amazon. I was struck by the decent price – I got 32 polar bears, bunnies, seals, and brown bears – along with 16 envelopes – for only $12.50. Good deal alert! (I sound like a salesperson. Perhaps I should go into selling stationary. At any rate, I’m not trying to swindle you but if you have been on the lookout for some cute letter-writing supplies, then here is where you can find these adorable creatures. (*Note, that’s an affiliate link – so the price to you is the same but Amazon gives me a teeny commission. Thanks for supporting this work!)

I added some puns on the front for extra encouragement and so I could use my watercolors. Puns and watercolors are getting a lot of air time in our house these days.

For this round of fan mail, I decided to make my own envelopes instead of use the envelopes that came with the pack. I tucked those away for later, though, and I’ll put them to good use at some point.

Doesn’t the bear look cute, peeking out from his envelope den?

Here’s the seal peeking out of her…sea cave?

Here are the finished, addressed envelopes. Lots of speech bubbles (no surprise there).

Yes, even teapots speak in YBFG Land.

Here they are all together!

Of course, this type of post wouldn’t be complete without asking if there are other people you know who may need some fan mail in their lives…just a little extra boost. Let me know about them in the comments! I’ll put the names in a hat, draw three of them, and then shoot you an email asking for an address. Let’s team up!