S ince one of my favorite things is sending and receiving mail…and since I love being people’s biggest fan…it became clear to me awhile ago that this blog needed some element of fan mail. Not mail coming to ME (although I’ll never say no to that!) but mail being sent to others.

In several of my posts (here, here, and here), I had put out a call for comments with shout-outs for deserving people (don’t worry if you missed those, I’ll continue to do that periodically because I love it!). And you know what? There are the most WONDERFUL people doing the most WONDERFUL things all across the country and the world.

It was time to bring out the mail art supplies.

During this mail art session, I ended up creating three pieces. Two of them went to strangers (which makes me happy like you wouldn’t believe…I felt like a kid on May Day, dropping off treats on a neighbor’s door step and running away) and one of them went to my dear friend, Maren, who had commented on this post around Thanksgiving time.

A couple of these included art and quotes that I’ve created for posts. I can only fit so many images on my wall and it’s more fun to share!

As always, I loved creating the envelopes and even got really bold and tried some of my newly acquired calligraphy skills for the addresses…

Love letters. There can never be enough going out into the world.

Sooooo….let’s do this again! Who is there in your life that could use some fan mail? Let me know in the comments and I’ll randomly select someone, email you for their address, and mail off some love to them!