E veryone needs a little help getting through the week now and then. It’s Wednesday – you can do it! To aid in that, here are some pictures of mail that I recently released to the world.

There were some birthdays to celebrate:

Along with an engagement that deserved some serious congratulations. LAUREN AND JOHN, WE’RE SO INSANELY EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

I must pay homage to Rin over at Papered Thoughts, where I initially saw the washi tape idea for the inside of a card. If you’re eager to see more mail art candy, I don’t think you can get any better than Rin’s gorgeous letters!

It only made sense that the engagement card was nestled inside something with a romantic theme. How perfect was this Anthropologie page that I was able to fold into an envelope? (To read more about my not-so-secret obsession with Anthropologie catalogs for crafting, head to this post where I dressed up some surprise packages for hardworking teachers.)

I also had some international, Japan-bound mail to send out:

There were also some belated Christmas thank you notes that we needed to get in the mail. I put my new-found calligraphy skills to work to see if I could dress up a solid-colored envelope with some fancy ink twirls and was happy with the result:

There was also a very belated Christmas gift that needed to be sent – I had found the PERFECT gift for Lauren (yes, the same Lauren that is also newly engaged woo hoo!) but apparently, it was perfect for a lot of people because it was backordered until mid-January. Once it finally arrived, I was able to package it up and send it off.

Are you dying to know what that package contained? You’re in luck…because it was such a perfect gift, that I had to get one for myself. It just happens to be the most magical stationary I’ve encountered in a long time. I will feature it later this week, so check back!