It’s no secret that sending and receiving pretty, happy mail is one of my favorite things. Without further ado, here is some mail art that I sent out over the past couple months!

A thank you note to my ever-wonderful sister, Leah.

Another thank you to my friend, Annie – who also happened to be my roommate during Senior year of college and is one of my favorite humans.

Some mail for my parents and little brother.

Still working on a pen pal relationship with Taylor Swift…in the meantime, I decided to let her blue eyes pierce the souls of postal workers everywhere. (This envelope was created out of a Time magazine cover that my mom sent me – she’s always looking out for my mail art interests. Thanks, Mom!)

Some fan mail to Hannah Brencher, an extraordinary life-force who is an author, speaker, and all around baller. (If you haven’t seen her TED talk about writing love letters to strangers, you must watch it!) I sent Hannah a valentine in February…and it came back, unable to be delivered. So I sent it again, with an additional letter, surrounded by a new envelope (the one pictured below). I did that over a month ago and it just came back to me AGAIN. So I’m posting it here for posterity’s sake and will attempt – yet again – to send it to her. I’m nothing if not persistent. Miami mail, you’re going to drive me crazy.

A thank you note to this wonderful designer and letterer, Christine Errington, who goes by the name “The Hipster Housewife.” You can check out her beautiful work on her Instagram. Awhile ago, I had commented on a picture of her gorgeous lettering of a Bible verse. She completely caught me by surprise when she asked for my address and said she was going to send it to me. What?!? Me?!? I am overwhelmed by how strangers on the internet can transform from pixels on a screen to real life blessings. The Bible verse is now hanging on our collaged gallery wall and this thank you note has arrived in Christine’s mailbox.

I’ve started to love the look of writing with a Sharpie paint pen on photos…it’s fun to include a mini piece of art along with a letter.

I send out this piece of folk-art as part of a little contest I put up on Instagram. I created the envelope out of an old calendar my mom gave to me. Hope you’re enjoying your caterpillar, Fiona!

Another envelope that was created out of an old calendar…

Some mail for another wonderful soul I met on Instagram. If you’re not on Instagram, what are you waiting for?!? Come join the party! (If you want to jump on board, here’s my IG profile.)

A little bit of happy mail for Pam, a faithful blog reader (Hi Pam! You’re great!).

Another Valentine that came back to me weeks after the fact, which I promptly re-sent. Black and white images make for the most striking images, don’t you agree?

To celebrate the birthday of Bobby’s mom, I created this watercolor quote for her – which honestly describes her PERFECTLY.

Then I popped it inside this coral colored, summery envelope.

Lots of good mail! Lots of good people to receive the mail! Good things all around!

If you’re looking for a life-giving Sunday activity, get that pen and paper out and write an old-fashioned letter. I promise it will be worth every second.