E ven though I haven’t posted photos of any mail art in awhile, the train never stops around here. You think the USPS is going to stay in business all on its own?!? I’ve been doing my part to keep it chugging along and am finally getting around to sharing it again.

Several months ago, a family friend sent me a wonderful envelope full of old stamps that were 1 cent to 5 cents. He and his son had collected stamps for the longest time but the fascination wore off. When he learned of my obsession with vintage stamps, he offered to send them to me. YES PLEASE! I was beyond thrilled. Of course, I sent him a thank you note using some of the stamps. (Thank you again, Dr. Plotkin!)

I branded the back of the envelope with a stamp that my mom sent me. How perfect is this?

A whole slew of watercolor cards were sent out.

I went on a kick of creating address labels out of various geometric kraft stickers.

These were being sold in the Target dollar bins at one point. So many gems can be found in those dollar bins. I always make a point to make a quick stop whenever I’m in the vicinity of a Target.

For the envelope pictured above, I used the back of a catalog cover – half the image was so beautiful, and the other half was my address. This aviator bunny hopped in to help me cover it up.

I have to force myself to use those labels. I love everything about them and would gladly just hoard them if I went with my natural inclinations.

After my family visited for our trip to Maine, a few items were mistakenly left behind. I popped them in the mail – but not without decorating the cardboard box first. As I’ve mentioned before, magazine images are endlessly useful for mail art packages.

Some fan mail went out, too. I’ve been trying to say “wahoooo you rock!” to Hannah Brencher for ages. I love her writing, love her spirit. Watch her brilliant TED talk if you want an introduction. Way back in February, I sent her a folk-art valentine. It eventually came back to me marked with that ever-frustrating “Return to Sender” label. I wrote a new letter, put that letter and the valentine inside a new envelope, went online, found a different address, and sent it off. Guess what? Another month later, it came back to me AGAIN. I was bound and determined for this to get to her, though. I created yet ANOTHER envelope and wrote ANOTHER letter (basically like Russian nesting dolls) and sent it off to a new address – after confirming with her via email. Voila! Third time’s a charm.

Earlier this summer, I had the thrill of meeting Woody Jackson. You don’t know who he is, you say? Oh, well have you seen any Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cartons lately? Woody did the cow art. I can’t get over his vibrant watercolors. He’s from Vermont and I was able to meet up with him at a nearby craft fair. He gave me his insight and advice about the art world and illustration, which was so generous of him. Someday, Bobby and I will own one of his originals and have it proudly displayed – but in the meantime, I’ll send him colorful thank you notes so he’s aware of my admiration.

And just so you know, YOU make me say ‘wow,’ too!

Sending you Monday love!