J ust so you all know, this mail is far from introverted – it’s super gregarious, very outgoing. These little envelopes and packages were SO outgoing, in fact, that they insisted on spreading their wings and making their way across the country – and hopefully are already in the hands of most of the recipients (wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise by posting here to soon!).

Mail. It’s just the best.

Are those not THE cutest little notecards you’ve ever seen? The second I saw those animals, I knew they were meant for my stationary stash.

Just couldn’t resist doing a Florida-themed envelope for Bobby’s parents:

Two very similar envelopes, because sometimes I just want to keep a good thing going…

Back in September, Bobby and I had stayed at an incredibly charming bed and breakfast in Woodstock, Vermont. (If you’re ever in VT, stay at The Grist Mill House, I promise that you won’t regret it.) The innkeepers, Peter and Carole, were amazing in every way – I’ve been vowing to write them a thank you note ever since…but with our crazy move to Miami and setting up this blog, it didn’t get done until now. In my books, though, it’s never too late to tell people how much they mean to you!

Earlier this month, my good friend, Liz, had showed me a web page that had a Christmas mail request from a mother of a non-verbal, autistic child. He LOVES mail and she desperately wanted to give him letters to open on Christmas morning, so she put out a plea to strangers online. It made me cry and I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to spread some love.

If anyone wants to send William some more mail, I’m sure he’d love it! Just send it to that address on my envelope – the only thing better than mail at Christmas is mail ALL YEAR.

If you’d like someone to get some mail art in their mailbox for a good start to 2015, check out my post from yesterday and scroll to the bottom paragraph. I’m ready to team up with you and start an appreciation revolution! xoxo