I f you’ve been following this blog for awhile or if you’ve ever glanced at my Instagram, you’ve probably picked up on my love of writing on objects and leaving them in public spaces. For the past couple years, that’s involved writing on leaves.

There’s something extra delightful about creating a piece of art, writing a message to a stranger, and sending it out into the world to be stumbled upon by a passerby. It’s kind of similar to sending out a message in a bottle without the shards of glass to worry about.

During my senior year of college, I was SUPER invested in this idea I’d come up with called “Post for Peace.” I wanted to create a movement of people writing messages of hope for one another on post-it notes. I envisioned this wonderful army of strangers, scribbling on post-it notes, doing humorous doodles, writing love notes, copying down their favorite quotes – whatever struck their fancy – and then leaving those notes for others to find. Under windshields, on library shelves, stuck to the gas pump, in a random shoebox at Payless. You get the drift.

We’re all connected but it’s easy to forget sometimes. Maybe a little post-it reminder could serve to wake us up a bit and recapture that sense of belonging.

While studying abroad through Semester at Sea, I started putting my vision into action. I created post-it art and left them in various countries – on bus windows and at train stops, at cafes in Morocco and markets in Thailand. Post for Peace! It was going to be a thing!

I created a whole slew of post-its with my sister that year. We wanted to have them ready to go at a moment’s notice. Here’s one from 2009…you can tell the authenticity because of the date AND the water stains from languishing in a storage unit for the past 3 years. This post-it note is a relic!

But shortly after having this genius idea that was going to create a peace and happiness revolution, I started teaching in New Orleans. My entire brain space was taken over by learning the art of classroom management and teaching 6 year-olds how to read and be responsible little humans. Post for Peace took a backseat.

This past week, while going through craft supplies and boxes to prepare for our upcoming move for the summer golf season, I stumbled across a giant stack of these post-it notes that Leah and I created 8 years ago. I was smitten. The whole dream of Post for Peace came tumbling back to me.

(That sibling post-it was created by Leah. I can say, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that she is one of the coolest people I know.)

I picked out my favorite post-its that weren’t too damaged and worn. I wrapped a rubber band around them and tucked them in my purse. I’m ready to start Post for Peace again. (In fact, I’m writing this at one of my favorite coffee shops right now and intend to leave one behind on the table.)

Of course, any modern day movement needs a hashtag. It looks like #postforpeace has already been used by others on Instagram but only a total of 134 times which is NOTHING in the giant world of social media…so I’m going to start using it and flood the hashtag with a cohesive idea: post-its with art and quotes and messages that are left in random places. A small but meaningful attempt to make life lighter for those who find the notes. A whimsical way to connect with the world around us. Won’t you join me?

You simply have to get a stack of post-its and write or draw on them. However the spirit moves you. You can write wise words or funny musings or reminders to “call your mother” or a portrait of your cat. The sky’s the limit. On the back of the post-it, write the hashtag #postforpeace.

It’ll be fun. I promise.