I  know it’s only Tuesday, but I feel like doing some throwback pictures. Who says I have to wait for Thursday? BAM, see what an unconventional ride this is going to be? No need for caffeine when you’ve got YBFG (yourbiggestfangrace) in your life!

When Bobby and I were stuck in a hotel the other day, waiting for a Miami apartment to sort out, we were looking through some puppy pictures of Graham. Here’s an example. Be prepared to swoon.

I wish I could take a time machine back to Graham’s puppy phase. I was honestly a little freaked out during all of it – kind of in that phase of “whoa, this was a permanent life decision. Was this the right idea?” etc. etc. It took a little while to fall in love.

And now I look at these pictures and think, “was I crazy?!?!” Take me back! I promise I’ll appreciate it this time!

My two boys have always been good at relaxing together. Bobby says I’m a do-er, though. It’s actually probably the best adjective for me (minus the part where it’s not exactly a real word). So while they’re busy chilling, I’m usually busy doing xyz…

Since his infancy, Graham has been the star of my snapchat account. If we’re snapchat friends and you don’t really love puppies, then we should probably just call it quits.

Upon getting Graham, I started to dread the prospect of saying the words, “go potty” for the rest of my life. I just couldn’t bring myself to it. So Bobby and I made a joint decision that, instead, we would say, “go party.”

Seeing that Graham was a New Orleans dog for the first few months of his life, this actually made total sense.

Following the theme, the following snapchat came from my brother, Stephen. (Stephen’s a talented graphic designer and big into lettering and typeface.)

One parting photo for you. Makes me long for the days when Graham was actually a lap dog…he spontaneously jumped into my lap while I was writing thank you notes. Needless to say, he’s in the top percentile of dogs when it comes to his knowledge of etiquette.

Hope that helped get you through your Tuesday! Know that Graham and I are always here for you!